When buying a chandelier, consider the following:

  • size of your room
  • quality of the pendants and drip pans (pressed glass versus manually grinded)
  • how the pendants are tied to the chandelier
  • coating of the chandelier frame
  • wiring

The chandelier in the room:

  • The distance between the floor and the lowest part of the chandelier should be about 2 m
  • If the chandelier hangs above a table, the distance should be about 1,80 m

Adjusting the pendants:

  • The front of the pendant has a plain surface and shows towards the contemplator
  • The reverse side of the pendant has a cut surface and shows towards the inner centre of the chandelier in order to optimize the reflection of light

Cleaning your chandelier:

  • Disconnect the chandelier from the power supply
  • The chandelier is left hanging
  • Move all furniture out of the way
  • Place blankets on the ground
  • Take off the lamps, glass tubes and drip pans
  • Wash the glass tubes and the drip pans separately
  • Wipe the dust off the frame with a soft paint-brush
  • Always use fibre-free soft, cotton cloths
  • Spray glass cleaner on a cloth and carefully wipe each crystal
  • Use another dry cloth to wipe the crystal clean immediately
  • Wait until the chandelier is dry completely dry to assemble the completely dry drip pans, glass tubes and lamps